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Formula E At CES ... Virtual Racing, Sensation Without Skin-In-The-Game Consequence

FIA Formula E At CES ...

... Virtual Racing, Sensation Without Skin-In-The-Game Consequence

Interview conducted by Edmund Jenks with Stephen Harvey after he attended the Visa Vegas eRace simulation technology promotional race licensed by FIA Formula E, using Cloud Sport virtual gaming services and Playseat driving simulators at 2017 CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

Stephen runs a consulting effort that develops digital strategies producing relevant, engaging, successful online campaigns that get results. In the interview, the Formula E experience is developed and explored from firsthand attendance at two races held at the Toyota Grand Prix Of Long Beach temporary street course track then explores the simulation race-off on the floor at 2017 CES trade show in Las Vegas.

After the taping of the interview, Stephen, who is is also a member of the Social Media Club of Los Angeles (SMCLA), was asked about the main business case that may be made for such an event - and this is what he wrote back:

The main business aspect of the event was to tie together the world of eSports and the motorsports world. eSports are going to be huge with lots of money pouring in starting right now. This year you will see an explosion in eSporting events and prize money involved. Also, big brands (ie VISA) are recognizing that eSports are an up-n-coming market that they can get in with on the ground floor. Gamers have money and the gaming community is quite large.

SMCLA actually had a panel event a few months ago about eSports and how they are on the cusp on being huge. It was likened to how MMA and X-Games were a few years ago and then just took off in popularity.

Stephen Harvey's Facebook Live Pre-eRace Event Broadcast At CES

This explanation of event sensation without skin-in-the-game consequence is the imagined state of what a driver may feel as he, or she, competes in a virtual reality "program and display" world.

Visa Vegas eRace Highlights - Formula E

Using the drivers and branding of FIA Formula E combined with the sponsorship of VISA, the credit card company, using Cloud Sport virtual gaming services, and Playseat driving simulators to promote virtual racing is an interesting proposition, in that electric car racing platforms present a pretty large conceptual change in a fan's attendance to the racing experience already ... it just isn't the over century old form of traditional propulsion vehicle racing.

Sim Racers On Gaming - Formula E

With the concept of virtual reality vehicle racing, we are treated to an experience void of real vehicles, propulsion via any energy deliverance means. Further, if one isn't familiar with just who is piloting the images that appear on a large screen in real time, an opportunity for a large disconnect between the competitive event and the consuming FAN can take place to the determent of the actual value of competition (no matter the prize money amount) in the first place.

 Over time, degradation to "Racing" in general can become a real problem to motor culture overall - as in ... "Who Cares?"!

... notes from The EDJE

TAGS: Visa Vegas eRace, FIA Formula E, VISA, Cloud Sport, virtual gaming, Playseat, driving simulators, CES, The EDJE, Stephen Harvey


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