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Blue Thnder"s progress

Blue Crew Update for 3/3/2007 blue_thunder.jpgblue_thunder1.jpgThe Blue Thunder team is gearing up for a busy 2007 season. We will be participating in several events that will provide great publicity for the race team as well as the Thunder Mustang aircraft. To begin, we will catch you all up on the off season changes.

As of the middle of February, the engine was removed and sent back to RFI to have improvements made. Prior to the engine’s return to RFI, some changes were made and superficially tested to insure proper functionality. These changes having been successful, the engine was removed and sent back.blue_thunder2.jpgblue_thunder3.jpgThe current plan is to have the engine back at the end of March for installation. Flight testing is scheduled to commence near the end of April. Extensive ground and flight testing will be conducted prior to this years pylon racing school. During PRS, the telemetry system will undergo testing as well. This year PRS is scheduled for June 13-16th and the newly proposed Sport Class course will be run. During the winter some cosmetic improvements were made to clean the appearance of the airplane. Most recently completed was the pilot’s seat. This is perhaps the sexiest most involved seat ever conceived by all of us on loan from God. Indeed, it now has the Blue Thunder blue_thunder4.jpgblue_thunder5.jpgtheme all over it. The scheme was concocted in a wild moment of extravagance and deemed a great waste of paint and time. So naturally we decided to go for it. The blue with white racing stripes and the logo in the center add great appeal to the interior. It looked good on the Shelby Mustang and it looks great on the Thunder Mustang. The logo is on a 6” vinyl sticker that was applied and then clear coated onto the seat. Now all we need is to paint the rest of the airplane to match the seat! At the Golden West Fly-in at MYV, Blue Thunder will be breaking another world speed record. The NAA event sanction application has been started and will begin the record attempt process. This attempt will be for the 100km closed course record of which the current speed is 282.87mph. We anticipate the 100km course to be covered in 11 minutes yielding an average speed of 375mph. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank those people who have supported the Blue Thunder Racing Team. Most importantly, I wish to thank everyone who has given their time and hard work to see this team compete and win. The 2007 will be the best yet, and confidence leading to this years race is higher than ever. Balls to the wall, Blue Thunder Air Racing blue_thunder6.jpg


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