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Construction progress report on “Blue II”

Blue Thunder Air Racing September 2008 Even though the progress on “Blue Thunder II” was a little slow this month, I think that we can call September very successful month. George Giboney with “Rapid Travel” had trouble with his superchargers but did amazingly well and finished every race. He was voted “Rookie of the Year” in the Sport Class. Our airport neighbors, “Team Rare Bear,” did their usual spectacular job but were disappointed when some pistons burned on Sunday. Thunderstorm 2008 went very smoothly with the overwhelming support of all the TBG, fans, sponsors and team members. There are so many people that deserve recognition, I hesitate to mention anyone for fear of leaving someone out. So for now, I will say thanks to everyone for a very successful air race month.

As for the progress that did get accomplished on “Blue II,” we were working on a new way to retract the tail wheel doors so that they could not come open in flight and seal the tail wheel compartment from any traversing airflow. My original design was to have a yoke and swivel connection for the doors connected directly to the gear trunion. This approach did not work because the doors can only be closed during the last few degrees of the gear retraction so that the tire can clear the OML of the fuselage before the doors can close. A new approach is now used with a cable lift arrangement for the doors that is working quite well. The cable lift point has considerably more leverage to hold the doors closed while the gear is retracted and they can not be pushed open. SCS is sending some new springs that will do a better job of holding the doors open while the gear is extended, but retracted; the doors are virtually air tight. The right MLG doors are complete with their fit and work is continuing on the left side. This work might be easier with the wing upside down but we are doing it this way hoping for a better final product. Next month we should be able to report on a new solution for the MLG inner door latches, the new engine and possibly show the wing mated to the fuselage. Jan and I, along with the entire Blue Crew, are so grateful to everyone for their continued support.


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