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Smooth Riding On The Water In A Personal Foilcraft

Smooth Riding On The Water In A Personal Foilcraft

quadrofoil-Q2s-1 All text and images originally posted at Boldride by Zach Doell

Smooth Riding On The Water In A Personal Foilcraft

You can certainly ‘go green’ with only $28,000. One can dial up options on a 2015 Toyota Prius or assemble a fleet of Pedego electric bicycles. But for the watercraft enthusiast with a serious bend on netting zero-emissions, you could also buy this - the Quadrofoil Q2S Electric Limited Edition.

Designed and built in Slovenia, the Q2S blends the worlds of EV motoring and hydrofoil watercrafting into an emission-free aquatic experience. The two-seat Quadrofoil features a 10-kWh battery and 5.5-kW electric motor, which propel the crafts’ hollow hull through the water…that is until you reach 6 knots or 6.905mph.


At that point, this thing goes airborne. The electric Q2S rides atop the waves thanks to its four steerable hydrofoil blades, which allow it to skip along up to an impressive 21.724 knots or 25mph. Acceleration and braking controls can be found on the Q2S’ futuristic steering wheel, and vehicle data is accessible via touch screen, which displays maximum range, battery power, and speed.

Quadrofoil says the Q2S will deliver around 60 miles of range per charge, however you won’t likely be attempting any treacherous voyages in this. While the firm affirms its fiberglass hull is unsinkable, the Q2S is designed for use in lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water with swells less than one and a half feet.


With the aluminum hydrofoils down, the craft can skim around in as little as 3.3 feet of water. When it’s time to dock, the foils can be lifted up, at which point the draft of the 220-pound vessel becomes only six inches deep. And in case anything catastrophic ever does happen - a paddle, pair of life jackets, and an all-important safety whistle are included.

Like what you see? You can get your hands on a Quadrofoil Q2S beginning in March 2015, when all 100 of the limited-run hydrofoils ship. If you’re not looking to drop $28,000 on one, Quadrofoil is also offering a base-model Q2A Electric, which boasts a 4.5 kW battery, top speed of 18mph, and a price tag around the $19,000 mark.
[ht: Boldride - Posted on 13 November 2014]

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