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Bubba Rope’s ‘Gator-Jaw’ Snaps Up A 2nd SEMA New Product Award

Bubba Rope's 'Gator-Jaw' Snaps Up A 2nd SEMA New Product Award

DSC00622 Two SEMA Awards Display - 800px.jpgWith two SEMA New Product Awards in only five years, Bubba Rope is able to proudly display the hardware back-to-back. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2014)

Bubba Rope’s ‘Gator-Jaw’ Snaps Up A 2nd SEMA New Product Award

Maybe this isn’t as winning a record as baseball’s San Francisco Giants with their recently garnered third World Series Championship in five years, but the Giants only have to compete against 30 other teams or enterprises.

Bubba Rope, which started in 2009, won its first SEMA New Product Award in 2010 for the 2011 product year, has to compete against hundreds of new products from about as many ‘teams’ or enterprises, won its second New Product Award in five years for Gator-Jawâ„¢ soft shackles.

DSC00614 - Gator-Jaw 800px.jpgGood thinking leads to an additional threaded strand product solution that really changes the playing field. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2014)

Bubba Rope’s first SEMA New Product Award was for their lead product ... the Bubba Rope. “The whole thing is branding,” said Jim Flowers, a manager in Bubba Rope’s business development team. Introduced to the consumer market in 2009, the nylon, military-spec recovery strap’s packaging took Best New Product Packaging honors at the 2010 SEMA Show.

DSC00618 - Gator-Jaw & Bent Steel Shackle - 800px.jpgAt a rated 32,000 pound breaking strength, combined with a property that allows the Gator-Jaw to float and weigh just a few ounces, steel shackles not only bend apart but become an old technology solution with functional problems to overcome. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2014)

Bubba Rope is a professional snatch rope that features military-spec quality and strength that surpasses any vehicle recovery strap on the market. Bubba Rope is a durable kinetic energy recovery rope (KERR) that outperforms typical recovery ropes, snatch straps and chains because it stretches, using its own kinetic energy to help recover your vehicle from the stickiest of situations. If there is mud, sand or snow where you drive, then you need a Bubba Rope!

“If you have a clear idea of what your brand is, it’s a lot easier to figure out what doesn’t fit,” Flowers said. “It all starts with an extremely clear vision of what you want to communicate with your brand.”

DSC00627 - Close-In - Gator-Jaw Demo - 800px.jpgJust find a strong tie-down or tow point and the flexible Gator-Jaw will hold strong to anything it is attached to at a rated 16 tons of stress. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2014)

This excerpted and edited from Bubba Rope® -

Gator-Jawâ„¢ soft shackles are made from Plasma® rope which is the highest strength synthetic rope available. These rope shackles are stronger than comparable steel shackles. Gator-Jawâ„¢ shackles won’t rust and are so light they float. Towing applications include: 4x4 off-road, agriculture & mining equipment and various marine uses - wherever a connection of a rope or tether needs to be attached to another heavy equipment object (or even connecting two ropes) without the possibility of the connection coming loose.

Advantages Over Steel Shackles:

Stronger than steel - 32,000 lb. breaking strength!
It floats - no more losing shackles in the water or muck!
Flexible - easily wraps around the most difficult pulling points!
One piece construction - no pins to fasten!


Off-Road Recovery
[Reference Here]

Bubba Rope’s Gator-Jawâ„¢ soft shackles are the perfect compliment to the well outfitted off-road emergency tools kit - perfect for any situation where attaching a rope or tether to a specified tow or anchor point without the weight or multiple part downsides to metal D-rings or clevises.

Be on the lookout for a Bubba Rope® “Gator-ize” type of solution for use with front and back mounted hydraulic winches.

Who knows ... maybe there might be another SEMA New Product Award in the offing.

... notes from The EDJE


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