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Derek Daly Academy Noblesville, IN, Tuesday, 25 Oct 2011 Leading Career Management firm to present What if it's YOU career development seminar at upcoming Skip Barber Racing School Karting Shootout at Laguna Seca Derek Daly, founder of the Derek Daly Academy, is pleased to announce that he will be in attendance to present his career development, What if it's YOU, seminar on November 3rd at Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway Park during the Skip Barber Racing School Karting shootout. For the second straight year, Daly will be on hand to present his informative and innovative program titled "What If It's You!" Derek Daly, former Formula One and IndyCar driver, Best-Selling Author and Professional Speaker founded DDA in 1996. After ten years as a racing school, the focus for DDA became career development of new driver talent and guiding them through the transition from kart racing to car racing and beyond.

“I am really excited to be presenting again this year at the Skip Barber Shootout. We had a fantastic turnout last year and received some great feedback from everyone in attendance,” comments Daly. “Parents make so many emotional decisions when it comes to their kids and racing and emotional decisions rely on hope - hope you made the right decisions, hope you met the right people and hope that you are in the right equipment. I will demonstrate how to remove hope from being part of your success strategy”. The long term success of race car drivers is directly tied to what they learn as teenagers. There are lots of fast drivers but very few “complete” drivers. The “complete” driver sustains their success. In 2008 Daly published his first book, Race to Win: How to Become the Complete Champion. The book outlines Daly’s ground breaking Champions Pyramid and introduces the concept of Talent Identification to the motorsports world. The foreword for this book was written by racing legend and long time friend Mario Andretti who went on to say: “Derek’s book teaches the lessons it took guys like me years to learn. Quite honestly, I believe the advice in this book resonates far beyond the racing industry.” DDA is in the business of developing motorsports athletes through a unique program of vision alignment, driver profiling, environment management, financial planning and marketing development. This system, along with the Champions Pyramid, forms the structure that leads to the development of what is called the Complete Champion. For more information on the Derek Daly Academy and the DDA Junior Program contact Jeff Grist at or 905.328.7458. Please be sure to check out our website at


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