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MORR Contingency - An Important Marketing Strategy

MORR (Midwest Off-Road Racing) Abrams, WI Tue, 24 May 2011 MORR Midwest Off-Road Racing.jpgAs the opening rounds of racing for the 2011 Traxxas TORC Series presented by AMSOIL are just a couple of days away, MORR (Midwest Off-Road Racing) has created a substantial contingency program for its Sportsman and PRO members. The economic climate has really made many businesses in the off-road industry reevaluate their marketing strategies, and the MORR Contingency Program has become integral components for fifteen different companies.

Some of the biggest name in our industry such as Howe Performance Power Steering, Impact by Mastercraft Safety, King Shocks, Auto Trans Design and Teamtech Motorsports continue to support Midwest off-road racing. MORR has also received contingency offers from several companies new to the off-road community, including All Star Performance, Mud Muncher, Fluidyne, Turn One and R2C Performance Filters. The significance of the Midwest off-road competitor is shown by the support from several off-road parts distributors, including Phil’s Inc., Racer X Motorsports, McKenzies Midwest, and Barnum’s Bug Barn. Even a vinyl marketing company, FSD Designs, understands the advertising potential of the off-road market. “What has been incredible this year are the competing brands that are contingency partners for 2011,” remarks MORR Board Member, Mike Reusche. “We have multiple safety equipment and steering component manufacturers as partners, as well as several parts distributors. The involvement from all these companies is a real indication how important the off-road racing community is to the automotive aftermarket.” New for 2011 is the addition of PRO contingency postings. Several companies express their interest to include the TORC PRO competitors in their program. TORC gladly approved the idea and seventy-five percent of the companies included the TORC PRO classes as well. Just like the Sportsman competitors, the PRO drivers must be a MORR member to be eligible for MORR contingency offers. For a complete listing of the 2011 MORR Contingency Program, please visit: It is never too late to participate in the MORR Contingency plan; interested parties can contact MORR Board Member Mike Reusche: philsinc@ymail.comor call 847-343-4658.


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