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Bubba Rope Snags 2011 New Product Of The Year Award At SEMA

Bubba Rope strikes a chord with the buyers at the 2010 SEMA Show after it is awarded the 2011 New Product Of The Year (and the 2010 Global Product Of The Year by the international press). Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010) Bubba Rope Snags 2011 New Product Of The Year Award At SEMA This year's 2010 SEMA New Products breakfast saw 15 new products awarded (one from each category) with the vaunted 2011 Product Of The Year from a field of over 1,500 new product submissions. One of the lucky product submissions, Bubba Rope, was picked for Best New Packaging Design designation. The Bubba Rope idea came from a brainstorming session where a company that was supplying rope lift solutions to the military and construction operations for helicopters wanted to gain access to the broader consumer market that existed in the recreational/off-road arena. The staff reasoned that since their helicopter lift solution did such a good job at plucking HumVees off of the ground to be whisked away to another destination, why not let stuck Jeeps and trucks get pulled out of a jam by a driver that was not quite as an unlucky driver as to get stuck in the first place. What caught the imagination and funny-bone of the judging staff at SEMA was the ingenious way the tow rope product was produced, packaged, and presented with the instructions for safety written to appeal to the unlucky Bubba in all of us. Bubba Rope in action .... pulled tight with an elastic type of stretch pull only a woven material of this type can provide. Pictured here with the 2011 SEMA Product Of The Year trophy (Bubba Rope also received the Global Product of the year from the international press). Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010) How it is made and safety instructions example excerpted and edited from Bubba Rope - A kinetic energy recovery rope (KERR), Bubba Rope® provides superior performance, strength and durability that goes way beyond typical recovery ropes, snatch straps and chains. Professional Recovery Rope It stretches and actively uses its own kinetic energy to help get your stuck vehicle moving. Bubba Rope® is actually three ropes in one: An inner nylon core, braided looser to absorb more of the lower loads, an outer nylon jacket braided tighter for higher loads and then the whole rope is dipped in a polymetric base giving it a protective shell. Instructions and rope come packaged in a handy dirt to clean friendly nylon web zippered bag with pouch. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010) If you drive where there is mud, sand or snow then you need a Bubba Rope®. ---- Please Read (Don't worry we have pictures too!) Jump to Care and Maintenance Make sure yer vehicle is actually stuck in mud, sand, snow or some kind of other gooey stuff and not that ya just forgot to take off the parking brake. Ol' Uncle Jake was always making that kind of Bubba operator error. Disengage your parking brake!Make sure the vehicle is actually stuck! Impress the ladies! Once y'all have established that yer vehicle is actually stuck, here's yer chance to gain some big Bubba points. After all, rescuing a fellow Bubba or Bubbette from the depth of an ol' muddy mud hole is a true act of Bubba git-r-done kindness. Be the hero! Pull yer Bubba Rope® out of its bag and announce loudly, "No problem y'all! I got me right here a gen-u-wine Bubba Rope® made in the good ol' USA!" No doubt this phrase will make ya an instant expert and will impress everyone in ear shot. Reference Here >>> Well one gets the idea pretty quickly that even though this is a serious product to help people get out of a jam .... it just does not have to take itself tooooooo seriously. Company motto or saying as it is printed on the back of their business cards. Image Credit: Edmund Jenks (2010) When the product first went for sale on the internet, the second logged order was registered from France. We can only assume that this was from a "Bubbet" (bah-bay). As one can easily see, no matter where one rolls around in the mud and dirt on this Earth, we can all become Bubbas and when we get stuck, we will need the best tool for the job of unstucking ourselves ... a Bubba Rope. After this SEMA Show 2010 week to be known as the SEMA 2011 New Product Of The Year and Global New Product Of The Year award winning Bubba Rope. SLIDESHOW >>> ... notes from The EDJE

Construction progress report on “Blue II”

Blue Thunder Air Racing September 2008 Even though the progress on “Blue Thunder II” was a little slow this month, I think that we can call September very successful month. George Giboney with “Rapid Travel” had trouble with his superchargers but did amazingly well and finished every race. He was voted “Rookie of the Year” in the Sport Class. Our airport neighbors, “Team Rare Bear,” did their usual spectacular job but were disappointed when some pistons burned on Sunday. Thunderstorm 2008 went very smoothly with the overwhelming support of all the TBG, fans, sponsors and team members. There are so many people that deserve recognition, I hesitate to mention anyone for fear of leaving someone out. So for now, I will say thanks to everyone for a very successful air race month.

Blue Thnder"s progress

Blue Crew Update for 3/3/2007 blue_thunder.jpgblue_thunder1.jpgThe Blue Thunder team is gearing up for a busy 2007 season. We will be participating in several events that will provide great publicity for the race team as well as the Thunder Mustang aircraft. To begin, we will catch you all up on the off season changes.

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